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Kaori at Opening !

2/8/2017 at Honolulu Museum of Art.

Opening of the "Serenely Proliferating" show as part of Artists of Hawaii 2017. This is the moment of celebration with museum staff and family members before the opening reception starts,

Rare face, Rare clothing. i have never worn this style,

and with no hat. Hair is combed very well. Also rare.

Secretly i wanted to change myself from my usual image.

I don't know if that was a success or not.......

I am pacing myself so as not to have red color on my face from alcohol

Lei was a gift from the Museum.

After 6 days of installation of my works in the previous week, I look a little tired. Somehow this show's emotional impact was very huge. I had a hard time letting these pieces go, Usually once i finish an installation i feel so relieved and i can let them (my works) walk by themselves. I feel complete and only the relationship with viewer and my space exists. But these works feel like this is not finished at all, I did not know what it was but then realized that i was just at a starting point. I am standing some place and I have to continue walking this road: continue to make this series and go through it until this proliferation is finished.

Now, after two months have passed, I can see the work from a little distance. My heat has cooled down now. I think it's time to go to Honolulu to meet my work.

without making a sound

without exposing its presence

proliferating inside of me

aggressive but gentle conceptual yet sensual


Serenely Proliferating

Curator of this show at center, other artists and me at Honolulu Museum or Art. Nice meeting with all of you. Show is up to the end of May.

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